“How George Romero’s Amusement Park Was Brought to Life 48 Years Later”

I will never understand what possessed the Lutheran Service Society to ask George Romero to shoot a PSA about neglect of society’s elders. Never. Honestly, they might not understand either. If nothing else they regretted it in 1973, because they quietly stuffed that PSA, The Amusement Park, on a shelf and left it alone for decades.

Now it’s in Shudder’s hands and available through the streaming service’s library, so I’d watch it if I were you. I mean, I could STILL watch it. It’s just that I’ve already seen it. What you could also do is read the story of how Romero’s widow, Suzanne, got together with a bunch of cool people and brought the film into popular consciousness.

Interested? All you have to do is head to Consequence


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