“‘Gaia’ Is The Trippy Pandemic Eco-Horror Of 2021 That Won’t Leave You Lost In The Earth”

Yeah, well, sure, call me petty: I took the opportunity to make swipes at Ben Wheatley’s truly obnoxious In the Earth in my review for Gaia. This may be what they mean when they say “damning with faint praise.” To say Gaia is superior to a movie I had a strong negative reaction to is not to say that Gaia is actually good.

So let me say that Gaia is actually good. Like In the Earth*, the movie defies easy understanding through surrealist imagery. Unlike In the Earth it doesn’t have its head up its rear, and also there’s a really cool monster. That kind of thing goes miles for me.

You can read my full review over at The Playlist.

*There I go again, comparing the two! Oh, me.

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