“Tasting Jester King Brewery Provenance Blood Orange and Tangerine Sour Beer”

Who’s a dummy? Andy’s a dummy. I made a comparison between Austin’s Jester King and Greensboro’s Hill Farmstead without checking to see if by chance Hill Farmstead’s owner had sexually harassed anyone. Oops! He did that a bunch of times. So I had to cut that out of the piece and find another farmhouse brewery for comparison, which I did. Close call!

None of this is either here or there; I do like letting my readers in on the process a bit, and this is a particularly comical “d’oh” on my behalf, so I feel like it bears mention. The more important bit is that Jester King is one of the best breweries in the U.S., and if you can go there, you should, and if they ship to you, Provenance Blood Orange and Tangerine is the beer to try. It’s spectacular.

You can read the whole piece over at Hop Culture.

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