“SPOTLIGHT: Amythyst Kiah Makes a Statement of Self on ‘Wary + Strange’”

More so than movies, I love to “live” inside an album, or have an album live inside me. Wary + Strange, the new record from Amythyst Kiah, took residence with me a couple months ago, and I’ve pumped it through my ears too many times to count since then; that’s a nice benefit I don’t and really can’t get with the movies I write about. When you watch a movie, you watch the movie. That’s it. But Wary + Strange powered my car trips, my running sessions, my quiet time, and my movie writing, and after all that time, I got to sit down with Kiah herself to talk about the record, the process, and the life she’s lived, which fueled the whole production.

You can read my profile of and conversation with Kiah on the pages of No Depression.


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