“‘Sound Of Violence’ Is A Gory Mess That Never Hits The Emotional High Note”

I wanted to like Sound of Violence. I really did. In fact, there are things I do like about it, namely the creativity Alex Noyer demonstrates in orchestrating the splattery breakdown of his cast’s murder victims. I think it takes a level of genius to make that kind of thing artful without downplaying the brutality, and brutal without excising art.

It’s everything else about the movie that doesn’t really work for me. Sound of Violence is too close to Saw without going as over the top to justify itself*; it lacks emotional intelligence, too, which would go a long way toward allaying screenwriting problems, and of course the ultimate fix would be a final pass on the screenplay. It’s an awkward movie. At least there’s good killin’. (And good work from Jasmin Savoy Brown.)

You can read my full review at The Playlist.

*Which isn’t to say I like the Saw movies, because they’re trash.


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