“Chris Hemsworth Brings the Hammer Down”

If my feelings toward Marvel movies are lukewarm at best, and if Thor is categorically one of the worst Marvel movies*, then why am I writing about Thor? Ah-HA! I’m not! I’m really writing about Chris Hemsworth. Sike!

I like Chris Hemsworth. I think he’s an actor of such great depth and consideration that he makes the Thor movies watchable**, and gives me at least one reason to watch MCU films in which he features. There’s so much more to him than Thor and Thor that I’m kinda mad at these movies for binding him to that character and that brand. So I put down my thoughts about his career to date and what makes him so special that it’d be a loss for him to work primarily with Marvel for the foreseeable future.

You can read my reflections over at Paste Magazine.

*Your mileage may vary, but this tends to be a consensus perspective.
**Thor: Ragnarok is watchable on its own, at least until the finale when everything goes full-Marvel in toothless CGI action sequences.


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