“Will Public Transit Survive The Pandemic?”

I can’t imagine a world where I can’t hop on a commuter rail train and head into Boston without muddling through Boston traffic. I also can’t imagine going on the commuter rail because it hasn’t happened in over a year, and I can imagine Boston traffic because it isn’t…that bad? I haven’t driven through Boston recently, of course, but I’ve driven toward it and not had any weird traffic issues. So there’s that. But it’s also besides the point.

What do our public transit systems do when they’re saddled with the burden of low ridership during a pandemic and not enough funding to sustain themselves? They do the best they can. I spoke with a few folks from a few different systems across the U.S. to get a general idea of how public transportation is weathering COVID-19, and, well, it’s not all bad but it’s not all good, either.

You can read the full report over at Mic.


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