“Barbara Crampton on ‘Jakob’s Wife’: ‘This Is a Horror Movie Crisis in a Relationship'”

Deep cut left out of this piece: My toddler, B, quacking in the background for half the interview, audibly pleased with herself for her dead-on mimicry of waterfowl cries. I’m not sure how Crampton and I got through our conversation without splitting our sides.

This is a case where I had a specific though in mind that I didn’t have to force into the dialogue, because mercy of all mercies, it came up naturally. Ever wondered what the industry does to actresses it has no use for anymore? Read on. The good news is that Crampton’s 2010s career resurgence has led her to this point, starring in and producing films as good as Jakob’s Wife (and appearing in films like Sacrifice, which isn’t as good as Jakob’s Wife but still has pleasures worth recommending). I nearly flipped seeing her in You’re Next ages ago, and in We Are Still Here not quite as many ages ago, so talking to her years later was a treat.

You can read the full article over at Paste Magazine.


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