“Meet Iranian And Female-Owned Back Home Beer, Brooklyn’s Latest Craft Brewery”

One of the reasons I like conducting interviews so much is that I’m deprived of adult conversation as of late. Talking to a toddler is fun, but it’s nice to talk to someone who can form full sentences (other than “hi everybody” or “beddy sleepy”). One other reason I like conducting interviews is that I get to learn interesting things by talking to people who make art and, in this case, beer.

So talking to Zahra Tabatabai of Back Home Beer in New York meant a great deal to me, as I learned much and got to tell a story that I’m not accustomed to telling when interviewing folks in the craft beer world. Once more I must tip my hat to my friend Justin for pointing me in Zahra’s direction; without his alerting me, I might never have done this piece.

You can read the full conversation between Zahra and I over at Hop Culture.

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