SXSW: Postscript Coverage

I can’t tell if this year’s virtual South by Southwest festival was a letdown because of the fest itself or because I just had a rough week and couldn’t fit in as many screenings as I’d have liked. C’est la vie. I did see a few good ones, and I also reviewed two different things, a movie and a TV show. Not bad overall! I do wonder who this festival was for; participation required the purchase of a full pass rather than tickets to individual films. I feel like it’s much more industry-centric than audience-friendly, unlike Sundance, which was considerably more inclusive. It’s what it is, I guess!

For my review of the heavy metal fantasy rotoscoped animated film The Spine of Night, an early favorite of mine this year, head over to The Playlist.

For my review of the upcoming HBO series Made for Love, which I think has tons of potential and is gonna go places, also head over to The Playlist.


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