“‘Chaos Walking’ Stumbles, Trips, Faceplants”

I paused partway through Chaos Walking to wonder what the film might’ve looked like, and what success it might’ve enjoyed, back in 2011, when Lionsgate first snapped up the rights and when YA movies were at peak popularity. Would it have been any better? Would it have been significantly worse? Would it have just been lost in the Twilight and Harry Potter shuffle? 

None of this really matters because it took 10 years for the studio to do anything with the property, and now it’s here, it stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, and it really isn’t very good at all. Holland’s a hoot, but honestly, that’s as much as I can say to recommend it; the ideas about toxic masculinity and macho violence are fascinating, but they don’t add up to much more than a plot device, which is disappointing to me! These are meaningful ideas. Do somethin’ with ’em.

Anyways. You can read my review at Paste Magazine.

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