“There’s No Ghibli Magic In ‘Earwig and the Witch”s 3D Mess”

Did the apple fall that far from the tree when Hayao Miyazaki sired Goro? I dunno. Maybe that’s mean. Maybe I’m being mean. Earwig and the Witch is just a movie, after all; it’s not like Goro went and dropped a bomb on a city or shot up a mall. But save me, Earwig and the Witch is absolutely appalling. If you didn’t know Goro was Hayao’s son, you’d never guess it.

I will say that, spared the hideous CGI animation and instead given the hand-drawn treatment, this movie might’ve been at least watchable and pleasurable in the watching. But it’s such a chore to even look at. That’s how ugly it is. Oh, what could’ve been.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.


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