“The Beer Lover’s Guide To Contract Brewing”

This piece was literally a year in the making. Thanks COVID! You’re the fucking worst.

I originally intended on finishing this piece for publication at Hop Culture back in March of 2020. As tends to happen, the first draft got bounced back to me for edits that required further investigation, buuuuuut just before I figured out who I needed to reach out to for comment, the pandemic hit American shores, stuff shut down, budgets got tightened, purses were shut, and frankly brewers had way more immediate concerns to devote their energy to than my questions about the ins and outs of contract brewing.

Good news is that my editors at the mag still wanted to finish the piece out, and so here we are, once more around the sun, but this time I’ve got the piece in the can and on the site for your reading pleasure. Ever wonder about the term “contract brewing”? I’ve got the whole process covered for you. Even if you’ve never wondered, you should read the piece anyways, because I worked very hard and very long on it and it is genuinely the least you could do.

You can read the full piece over at Hop Culture.

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