“The Rambling Ramblers Movie Podcast: ‘Oldboy'”

Let me tell you about a guy named Justin Gott. First: He’s the host of a really fun podcast called The Rambling Ramblers. Here’s the pitch: Justin and his co-host, Pete Conway, pick a movie. It’s a movie Justin has not seen, but Pete has. Justin then sees the movie. They talk about the movie. It’s kind of a blast! Occasionally they have guests on the show. Recently, I was one of those! Anyways, that’s not the thing I wanted to tell you, so please meet me at paragraph 2.

Paragraph 2: Approximately 30 years ago in 2014, I flew to California for a work trip for my old day job. I liked going on the road. I did not like having all of my flights pushed or delayed, or having those delays cause me to miss flights that somehow managed to stay on time. On the way to my destination, this was fine. On the way back to my home, literally every plane was delayed and then replaced and I found myself in the airport facing the chance of not having a flight at all that evening. I almost had to find room and board for the night. In my time of need, though, Justin offered to put me up on his couch.

I did not wind up taking up him on his generous offer for two reasons: San Francisco is not close to Los Angeles, and also a functioning plane managed to roll up to the gate and fly me to my first layover. But the fact of Justin’s generosity has stuck with me as I have aged from 30 to my mid-60s these last 6 years. He’s a good guy. 

Also, he invited me to talk about Oldboy, my favorite movie of all time, on his show, and you can listen to that episode on Spotify. Justin’s a mensch. 


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