“Have ‘Another Round’ of Merriment, Melancholy and Mads Mikkelsen”

I’m always delighted to see invisible connections between an artist’s past work and their most current work, not the kind of connections that are very obviously intended by the artist but more ambiguous; common themes and motifs slip into a director’s movies every damn day without the director realizing it. I think that might be the case with Another Round, the latest from Thomas Vinterberg, which has echoes of his 2016 movie The Commune, where people ignore their problems and by doing so make their problems much, much worse. 

Funny, though: I liked The Commune, but Another Round is much, much better! It helps having Mads Mikkelsen, one of the finest actors gracing screens today, holding the center as Vinterberg’s functioning alcoholic lead, but it also helps to make a movie about alcohol in the first place.

You can read my review over at Paste Magazine.


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