“‘Koko-di Koko-da’ Filmmaker Johannes Nyholm Explains How One of the Year’s Best Horror Films Was His ‘Personal Exorcism'”

It’s always a comfort to talk to artists responsible for weird, dark art and find that they are totally normal and very nice. Such is the case with my conversation with Johannes Nyholm, whose excellent Koko-di Koko-da is neither normal nor nice, but of course is very good, or else I wouldn’t be babbling about it endlessly.

One minor pleasure not captured in the piece: Because we’re in a pandemic, I occasionally have to work while B is up and about, and she really likes being involved with phone calls and Zoom sessions, so she kept popping up on the audio squeaking out a “hi” here and there. Occasionally Johannes and I stopped to tell her how cute she is. (He was on camera. Naturally she had to be, too.)

Anyways, we managed not to traumatize her at all by keeping our discussion mostly vague. You can read the whole thing over at Paste Magazine.


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