“‘Superintelligence’ Can’t Figure Out How To Craft A Joke, Even With Melissa McCarthy Leading The Way”

Look, in sickness and in health and all that, but can we just sit down with Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy and tell them that their marriage vows don’t mean that they have to make movies together? I’m torn here. It’s incredibly sweet that these two apparently want to work with each other, which I assume for most bound my matrimony sounds like compressed Hell. But it’s frustrating that Falcone can’t make these movies any good, and that McCarthy keeps having her talent spurned on half-assed material.

At least Superintelligence has her being charming and cute with Bobby Cannavale, and at least the central gag is really just a dunk on James Corden, but the gag gets carried out way too long and loses its humor really fast. That’s one knock against a bunch of others. C’est la vie.

You can read my full review over at The Playlist.

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