“In ‘Proxima,’ Parenthood and Gender Threaten to Keep Eva Green Earthbound”

Years and years ago, when I was published but still unpolished, I wrote a whole thing about Eva Green being naked for most of the Sin City sequel and how her nakedness equates to both a pro and a con. In Proxima, her nakedness files under the former in the strict sense that the film is so casual about showing her chest that her chest becomes just a chest. Her director, Alice Winocour, is frank about the brief nudity, probably because she’s a woman and she sees boobs every time she takes a shower. “Big deal. I have those.”

Proxima isn’t about Green being naked, of course, but the ways in which the movie depicts her body are extremely relevant to its thesis about misogyny and the male competitive spirit. You can read my full review of this very good movie over at Paste Magazine.

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