“Patton Oswalt Sees the Beauty in Bad Movies”

Guys, I’ve loved awful B-movies for as long as I can remember. I even helped make one in college! So talking awful B-movies, which in case you have forgotten I really love, with Patton Oswalt, whose work I’ve followed for a couple decades and who I deeply admire, kinda kicked ass. Oswalt ran a 6-movie marathon on ShoutFactory TV a few weeks back*, and ahead of the date I talked with him** about the new golden age of B-movies we’re heading toward. It was a blast!

You can read the full chat over at Paste Magazine.

*Coincidentally the day the election was finally called for Biden, which I imagine a) put a dent in the marathon’s views, and b) Oswalt didn’t care about because I’m sure he was elated.
**B was there being cute, too, cute enough that she could be heard over the phone.

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