“‘Happiest Season’s Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis Bolster Christmas Pap with Queer Identity

Sorry about the excerpt; I figure that once in a while somebody who leans right stumbles on this blog, and I guess I’d really love it if in the event that they do they read bizarre propaganda confirming their insane beliefs that the loony left want to turn them gay. (This is, in fact, a thing people believe.)

Anyways, now that I’ve taken enough attention away from Clea Duvall’s new movie, let me tell you that I really like Clea Duvall’s new movie! It is, I think, a big improvement over her last one, The Intervention, which is great until it wades into quicksand in the last half hour and stops being any kind of fun or interesting. Happiest Season avoids that. It’s one of the better Christmas movies to come along in a while; Kristen Stewart is, as always, great; Mackenzie Davis is an absolute gem; Alison Brie gets to play Ice Queen instead of Bambi; yadda yadda. I could go on. But I already did and I’m not doing it again.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.


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