“‘A Rainy Day In New York’: Timothée Chalamet Stumbles In The Worst Woody Allen Feature In Years”Timot

I have seen Timothée Chalamet work in exactly one movie, and that movie is Little Women, which I guess means I’ve seen him work in two movies because the other one is Lady Bird. Maybe that means only Greta Gerwig should direct him. Outside of her supervision he’s grating and annoying and lord, I cannot for the life of me abide how quickly he’s been anointed as a new hot thing. 

Anyways, he’s the Woody Allen surrogate in A Rainy Day in New York, and if “late stage Allen” wasn’t already an easy way to give me gas, “late stage Allen starring Chalamet” ought to do it. Thank goodness for Vittorio Storaro! That guy’s good at his job! Everyone else, excepting a handful of supporting cast folks, should just go home, and Allen might consider retiring from movies.

You can read my full review over at The Playlist.


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