“A Father-Daughter Bond Is ‘On the Rocks’ in Sofia Coppola’s Latest”

I think a lot about father-daughter relationships in movies I watch, even when they’re not directly about them, so of course On the Rocks felt a bit like a brick to the noggin; the film is warped entirely around a father-daughter relationship, and the exact kind you’d expect Sofia Coppola to warp a movie around. 

It’s good, too! Again, not a shocker. This time around Coppola shifts from her usual lane to the next lane over, which is more or less the same except that for once she’s focusing on a character of color instead of just rich lugubrious white people. She doesn’t comment on it. This, in turn, feels like a comment in and of itself, but it’s also totally besides the point she’s trying to make, which is that dads have complex bonds with their daughters that easily turn into possession without them necessarily meaning to.

You can read my full review over at Paste.


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