“The USPS Is Struggling. Could Postal Banking Save It?”

I’ve only covered the USPS since about July – June, technically, since that’s when I started researching my first piece – but I’ve learned an enormous amount about not only the service but the country in the process. For instance: Did you know that once upon a century or so ago, the post office functioned as a savings bank?

I didn’t! I didn’t know about banking deserts, either, or about the current push to make the USPS a financial institution once more, and not just a place where people can buy money orders. So I dug into that over a couple of months and got folks in the know to talk to me about the value of postal banking, and what the attacks on USPS mean in context with the services it provides now as well as the services it could provide in the future.

You can read the full piece over at Mic.

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