“‘Helstrom’: Hulu’s Dismal, Supernatural Marvel Series Is Thunderously Dull”

I do not tend to drift to dreamland when watching movies and TV shows, but when I do, I’m either so tired that I can’t resist or so bored that being unconscious is a better use of my time. Usually it’s the former. In either case, I always go back to rewatch from where I conked out, which in the case of Helstrom meant lots of backtracking, because even after my midday coffee I could not stay awake for this thing.

I try to avoid calling movies and show pieces of shit. For one I am a family man and I don’t ever use foul language. For another I think that’s just reductive, because people do work hard on set and even if the results don’t pan out, I’m loathe to pour contempt on their efforts – just criticism. In Helstrom‘s case, the show is so ill-conceived from top to bottom that I’m tempted to break the rule. It’s bad. Just leave it at that.

But my review for The Playlist is good! You can read it here.

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