“‘Gangs of London’: Slick, Brutal Gangster Series Showcases Gareth Evans In Peak Form”

I consider myself a chronicler of all things Gareth Evans. I’ve watched his films since ages ago; I actually reviewed The Raid 2: Berandal, but that seems to have disappeared from the web (or at least from this site), I wrote about The Raid: Redemption, and in 2018 I talked to Evans himself and wrote a handful of pieces about his horror movie Apostle. Is it because I like action movies and horror movies that much? Or am I also biased because he’s a Welshman? 

We’ll never know. Good news, though! His new TV series, Gangs of London, lives up to his skill as a filmmaker and is totally worth your time. As a note: This is on AMC+. It’ll air on AMC proper early next year. Them’s the breaks. But that just means I’ll have another excuse to put down digital ink on the show, so hey, some good some bad.

You can read my full review for The Playlist here.


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