“‘Utopia’: Gillian Flynn’s Take On Hero Worship Is Bloody Fun”

I wasn’t expecting Utopia to be either as dark or as brutal as it is, which is my fault for not noticing that Gillian Flynn, she of Sharp Objects and Gone Girl, has her name on the marquee. D’oh. That explains the mass murder and the weird sex and also the torture and most of all the malaise. 

But none of these things are bad per se! In fact they’re quite good, because the show is quite good, and if you ask me it’s quite good because it feels like a big middle finger aimed at over-privileged comic book nerds with way too much of a say in pop culture’s trajectory, combined with a jaw-dropping grievance complex. I can get behind that kind of thing, especially when that kind of thing has Sasha Lane playing the amoral action hero.

You can read my full review over at The Playlist.

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