“‘Chasing Dream’: Johnnie To’s Latest Is A Heartfelt, Giddy Genre Mashup”

I’ve watched Johnnie To‘s movies since my lead at the AMC Framingham, where I worked my first “real*” job, introduced me to Fulltime Killer, so reviewing his latest, Chasing Dream, feels like a culmination of years of admiration built up with each passing movie. I never reviewed Drug War, and I missed a couple entries here and there through the 2010s, but this one isn’t to be missed; I can’t say for certain I needed an MMA-boxing-musical rom-com in my life, but To gave me one anyways.

You can read my full review over at The Playlist.

*I worked as a summer camp counselor for a few years, too, and I liked that job much better, but unless it’s a year-round gig, people don’t consider that kind of thing genuine work I guess.


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