“Run Away from ‘Antebellum’ as Fast as You Can”

get why movies produced by Jordan Peele, or that have any tertiary connection to his name, put that “from the producers of Get Out and Us” tag on their posters and trailers. What I’m suggesting is this: Stop?

Antebellum is not a Jordan Peele movie. Try as it might to be “Get Out but the Civil War*,” it is not Get Out, and in fact I lay out exactly which movies I think it’s closer to in my review**. I’m upset. I was looking forward to this. That the film let me down isn’t a crime, but if we’re all going to chase Confederate out of production with torches and pitchforks, then we shouldn’t accept this garbage, either.

Behold the meteor I dropped on this film over at Paste Magazine.

*Sort of a spoiler, and while I normally mind that sort of thing, here I just don’t!
**Fun fact: I scored this with a -10000, which my editor quietly adjusted to a 3.4

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