“Hitch a Slimy, Slithering Ride with ‘Sputnik'”

There’s a lot about Sputnik, the new sci-fi horror film from Egor Abramenko, to like. In fact, there’s so much to like that I’ll save you time and just list out the stuff that isn’t as likeable: The score and one semi-useless plot thread involving orphans.

I spend a chunk of my review kvetching about Alien, or really about the effect Alien has on pop culture; most Alien knock-offs are kinda bad, some of them are fine, and a few are quite good, but even so, it’s sort of old watching people riff on Ridley Scott. Sputnik is an outlier. It’s an obvious Alien descendant, but it’s also shaped less by Abramenko’s relationship to that film than by his experiences and his culture. 

You can read the full review at Paste Magazine.

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