“‘The Complete Agnès Varda’ Criterion Box Set Is A Spectacular Tribute To A Unique Filmmaking Voice”

My relationship with the work of Agnès Varda began in 2017. Strictly speaking it began in college, when I first saw Vagabond, but when Faces Places opened in 2017, I firmly and immediately put the film on my best-of list for the year and began exploring her films beyond these two, culminating in some words on One Sings, the Other Doesn’t in May of last year.

Now we can push that culmination back to, uh, Tuesday, the day my unboxing of the Criterion Collection’s colossal new set of Varda films – all Varda films – ran online. I never really needed to establish street cred to claim her as one of my absolute favorite filmmakers, but I won’t lie: I’m really happy I have it all in writing now.

You can read the full piece over at The Playlist.

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