“‘The Cuban’ Undermines Its Heart with Wikipedia-Level Research”

If you want to get to know Louis Gossett Jr., you should probably start with An Officer and a Gentleman or A Raisin in the Sun, his debut, or even Enemy Mine, a movie I quite like and may be alone on liking; basically, start with something other than The Cuban, because I think that’ll help you appreciate just how good he is, and just how much his presence elevates whatever he stars in. This film in particular needs the uplift. 

The Cuban isn’t bad, and when it’s good it’s quite good, but I feel like the script has too many problems the narrative needs to resolve, and also develop, and I don’t think it handles the juggling act well enough. Still, warmth is a good thing, and The Cuban is all warmth.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.



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