“The 25 Best Songs About New York City”

I have nothing against New York City in theory, but in practice, New York City is a gratingly self-regarding place, and I wish it would shut up, because man, no matter the circumstance you find yourself in with a New Yorker, they’re always in this frame of mind like they just won an award the night before. Also, fuck the Yankees*.

But I can’t say no to Billie Holiday, and she does make autumn in New York sound lovely, so I, a Boston man, grudgingly lay out my thoughts about the best rendition of this track that anyone’s ever recorded. You can read my full thoughts, and also other thoughts, at Paste Magazine.

*I don’t really care about baseball, but one attribute I’ve picked up in my life living in New England is a deep-seated loathing for the Yankees. I can’t stand football. I don’t like hockey. I probably should go under hypnosis to discover the reason why. But no matter what, I’ll always hate the Yankees.

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