“‘Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits’: Criterion’s Box Set Presents New Perspectives Of The Iconic Film Star”

I’ve always liked Bruce Lee in that detached way people “like” things without knowing much about them; his movies, the ones I’ve seen (being Enter the Dragon and Game of Death*), kick lots of ass, but I couldn’t have told you until recently who Lee was or how he died or why it all matters today.

Then I burned through The Criterion Collection’s big Bruce Lee box set and now, well, it’s a different story. I still can’t tell you in detail as well as essay writer Jeff Chang can, but I understand Lee better, his iconography and legend better, and why he’s still so significant to the world writ large better.

You can read my full piece over at The Playlist.

*This means I didn’t feel terribly compelled to rewatch the movie for this piece, though I did watch the final ten or so minutes because oh, what might’ve been if Lee hadn’t died before completing this one.

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