“The Best Horror Movies of 2020 (So Far)”

I’m compelled to us this space to talk about Blood Quantum, a popular pick for “best horror 2020 so far” lists posted to other sites but which I sort of struggled with; it’s a film worth watching, but it’s also a film in need of smoothing out. Everything I like about it is undercut by something that either makes no sense or feels rushed, as if director Jeff Barnaby can neither make a decision about what kind of story he wants to tell nor has the time in which to tell it. I applaud the effort. I hope he has a bright future ahead. 

My middling feelings on Blood Quantum reflect my middling feelings on horror in 2020 at large. I’ve seen a few solid to great films for certain, and they show up on this list, but I’m suddenly finding that this year’s crop feels more diluted and mixed than last’s. Maybe you’ll enjoy the movies I’m ambivalent on more than me. Maybe you’ll dislike the movies that I like most. 

Either way, the list of ten is available over at Paste Magazine.


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