“Shane Carruth’s ‘The Modern Ocean’ Is A Deeply Complex Wonder & Shows The Industry’s Lack Of Curiosity”

I’m not going to pretend that I read through the screenplay for The Modern Ocean and managed to wrap my brain around the whole thing page by page. I’m not going to tell you that I read it straight through without stopping to try and picture what, exactly, Shane Carruth has going on across the breadth of his story, or what this thing would look like if he found himself with the funds to put it on screen.

will tell you that, as with Primer and Upstream ColorThe Modern Ocean is a work of great imagination and it’s a real damn shame Carruth couldn’t secure the cash he needed to get it made. Is it too late? Will we never see this film on the big screen*?

Who knows? But you can read my thoughts on the script over at The Playlist.

*Or even on computer or TV screens, given circumstances.


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