“Films by Women: Five Movies to Watch from June (2020)”

Feels to me like every passing month brings more movies directed by women than the last, which is probably not exactly accurate but, at the same time, not exactly inaccurate, either. In other years, month to month, I’d struggle to find enough movies worth watching* to fill out this list. In 2020 I’m finding myself making decisions about what not to include, for the most part; I’d be lying if I told you I watch every woman-directed movie that dropped in June, but I did watch quite a few. It’s heartening to see.

You can read the June list over at Paste Magazine.

*Note: Miss Juneteenth does not appear here because our reviewer for the site had a less favorable view of it, but I do genuinely think it’s worth watching and so I’ll recommend it here on my own.


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