“Coronavirus Has Put The USPS On The Brink Of Extinction. Will Anybody Save It?”

And now for something completely different: A passion project of mine, dating back a couple of months, and which took me about a month or so to put together. I know, I know. Political reporting falls way outside my milieu. But if you’re an entertainment journalist, you’re still a journalist, and this is journalism close to my heart.

A month ago I couldn’t have told you why there has to be a conversation about whether or not elected officials will do anything to save the United States Postal Service, in my view the bedrock of our democracy. Now I can tell you why for certain, and it’s disheartening. In talking to sources for this piece, I did find reason to be optimistic, but even if the USPS comes out ahead at the end of all this clamor, it’s still mind-boggling to me that we got here in the first place.

You can read the full piece over at Mic.

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