“Channing Godfrey Peoples on Capturing the Grit and Dignity of a Community in ‘Miss Juneteenth'”

One truth about being white in America: Talking about race is necessary, and talking about race is fucking terrifying

If there’s anything scarier to the average white American, scarier than the idea of electing progressives to higher office or imagining a country where the function of law enforcement is vastly reduced in scope and scale, it’s engaging in frank discussions of racism, that thing we’re all responsible for confronting. This includes me. I quake in my skinny jeans when race is on the table with people who aren’t white. 

So thank goodness for past interviews I’ve done with great black American talents, because I’m not sure I could have gotten through my talk with Channing Godfrey Peoples, writer-director of the new film Miss Juneteenth, without those experiences. I’m grateful for the opportunity to confront a microaggressive form of prejudice with her, and also to hash it out over craft. 

And I’d be grateful if you read the piece, which is available for your eyeballs over at Paste Magazine.

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