“‘Da 5 Bloods” Breadth Is Absolutely Necessary”

Honestly, don’t trust my evaluation of Da 5 Bloods. Upfront: I think it’s great. How great, or what kind of great, probably requires a second viewing, facilitated by a perusal of Netflix’s Twitter account, specifically this thread and this thread. Wherever I land on round 2*, I’m so, so, so glad this movie exists, and I’m so thankful Spike Lee is around making movies like it. Big ambition is always preferable to narrow vision.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

*I will say this without hesitation: This is career-best from Delroy Lindo, one of film’s great underappreciated actors. He’s colossal here. 


One thought on ““‘Da 5 Bloods” Breadth Is Absolutely Necessary”

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