“‘Becky’ Offers up Brief but Bloody Catharsis (and Kevin James)”‘

Urban Dictionary defines “Becky” as follows:

Becky, a girl which is overly dramatic and extremely stubborn. Although she has these traits she is a very loyal, trust worthy girl who would risk her own life for you. All the boys act silly around her even though they are after her fat ass. She is popular on social media and normally hangs around with a couple of people coz of how shy she is in person. If your ever lucky enough to meet a Becky, you better hold on to her and her peng ass.

I guess that Becky, the Becky of the new movie Becky, qualifies as a Becky, but only if you take this definition and twist it into a pretzel (and then run a lawnmower over it). Anyways: You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

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