“‘The Trip to Greece’ Holds Steve Coogan Accountable Like No Other ‘Trip’ Before”

As always, I’d much rather be on a trip with Rob Brydon than Steve Coogan; Coogan is perhaps formally the better actor, but Brydon is a) still a very good actor, b) an equal comedian, and c) much less of an ass. He’s also Welsh. Bonus points. 

I imagine someone’s going to grouse about the lack of resolution between The Trip to Greece and the ending of The Trip to Spain, but I’d rather Michael Winterbottom not screw it up by explaining in the text that Coogan’s climactic encounter with ISIS at the end of the latter is a Don Quixote vision to test Coogan’s bravado, and not an actual thing. I’m happier with no mention of ISIS at all, and with the only reference being Brydon mocking Coogan for getting lost in Morocco. That’s what I come to The Trip movies for, and I’m a tad bummed that they’re ending the series here (though also pleased, because let’s not wear out the joke).

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

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