“Hidden Gems: ‘Eyes Of Laura Mars’ Is A Stylish Thriller With Renewed Resonance”

I don’t usually get chances to go in-depth on movies released outside of the current calendar year; usually writing opportunities for that kind of thing fall to my Criterion duties. But my editor over at The Playlist gave me the green light to follow my nose on Eyes of Laura Mars, admittedly a Criterion Channel entry, but nonetheless a curio worth digging into, especially considering the accidental ways it reflects the language we’re using to talk about COVID-19 now.

You’ll all be sick of me seeing COVID-19 in the pop culture I watch soon, if you aren’t already, so maybe just watch this one for its baked-in merits: Faye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones, high style, and also murder! Good times.

My full write-up is available over at The Playlist.



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