“‘Central Park’: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Creator Crafts A Funny, Smart Musical Series With A Talented Cast”

Being as I love Bob’s Burgers, it’s not much of a surprise that I really like Central Park, Loren Bouchard’s new enterprise in animation. It’s also not surprising that despite my first encounter with Apple TV+ programming, I’m finding that their latest offerings are actually…pretty good? Trying won me over. So did Central Park. Here we are.

Bouchard’s definitely leaning a bit on Hamilton goodwill here, but Christ, who can blame him? That show has legs, and continues to influence pop culture even today. (Just wait until the movie adaptation drops on Disney+, which is maybe the only thing that could get me to hop on a Disney+ free trial*.) And I like Daveed Diggs; and I like Leslie Odom Jr.; and I like Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, and the whole rest of the cast. Basically, there’s only a small chance I wasn’t going to like this.

You can read my full review over at The Playlist.

*Outside of, like, The Mandalorian and The Straight Story.


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