“‘Sorry We Missed You’ Shows the Sorry State Inflicted on Workers Enmeshed in the Gig Economy”

There’s really nothing worse than Amazon, not simply because Amazon is a multi-limbed monster stomping across the country, chewing up the American worker and spitting them out in the dirt while gulling the rest of us into paying a premium for free shipping on our favorite commodities, but because the monster has made itself essential. Imagine, for instance, living life now without the benefit of Amazon dropping shit off on your porch in the span of time required to click your mouse, which, admittedly, isn’t quite as short a window as it used to be, but which, also admittedly, is still short enough to be an outstanding convenience. 

Sorry We Missed You is about Amazon culture, the gig economy, and the way that people’s reckless need for instant material gratification fucks over the men and women driving the vans to drop off the packages for gratification’s sake. It’s a really pissed-off movie, so of course it’s the product of Ken Loach, now 83, and Paul Laverty, 62, two men with the vitality of artists half their age. It’s also one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. So you should watch it. When you can. Which you currently can’t. Sigh.

You can read my review over at Paste Magazine, though!

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