“‘Hollywood’: All The Glitz & Glam Can’t Conceal Flimsy Storytelling”

I think I got it wrong: Hollywood is worse than I let on in my review. I’m nothing if not honest in my work, but reading my friends and peers’ reactions to this, the latest notch on Ryan Murphy‘s multimedia belt, I have this weird sense that I’m being a bit too gentle on the show. 

It is quite bad; it’s also more or less what I expect from Murphy, who never misses a chance to make subtext into text. There’s no finesse here, no mystery, no legwork for the audience, just plain and simple rewrites to a period in the history of his line of work that starts in the 1940s and continues all the way up to now. It’s a pretty dream, what Hollywood presents us, and a dream I’d like to see become reality, but boy oh boy I don’t need to have grandiloquent speeches about the power of the movies jammed down by throat, especially not right now when there aren’t movies out in theaters for me to watch.

You can read my review over at The Playlist.


One thought on ““‘Hollywood’: All The Glitz & Glam Can’t Conceal Flimsy Storytelling”

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