“‘Greed’ Is Not Good”

I cannot say for certain that I’ve ever felt as intense a disdain for a Michael Winterbottom movie as I felt for Greed, but I can say for certain that this is one of the great misfires of 2020. What a massive disappointment.

It may be, in part, that I’m at the point in my media consumption where critiques and satires of the ultra-rich are now commonplace, and I’m looking for more in stories like these than mere statement of the obvious. Boy, those ultra-rich! They sure do like hoarding cash while treating everyone around them like dirt at best and slaves at worst. And wow, they’re so dumb, too! 

Yawn. The story of Philip Green makes for compelling cinema in theory, but Winterbottom takes that story and bloats it into something that frankly might’ve worked better as television, where there would be more space for him to delve into other character backstories in full as he tries, and fails, to do here. But Greed is a movie, and Steve Coogan is its star, and he has very little room to stretch his legs with his incredible, turned-to-10 portrait of his Green surrogate, Richard McCreadie. This is downright criminal negligence in filmmaking right here.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.


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