“As Dads, We Need Parent Friends Just as Much as Moms”

My hope for this piece is that no one reads it and walks away thinking that I’m trying to argue that dads need parent friends and support groups more than moms, because that’s bullshit. But boy oh boy do we need them. 

My other hope is that this doesn’t get lost among the oodles of COVID-19 content out there, which is so prevalent* that pitching and writing about anything else is somewhere between a Sisyphean and Herculean feat**. I did update this to touch on the COVID-19 outbreak, because now we’re doing the support group thing virtually, but my goal is to impress on new dads the immense value of attending support groups when and if possible***.

You can read the full piece over at Parents Magazine.

*I mean, duh, but also good grief.
**I call this combination “a fucked up feat.”
***Finding stats on where parents groups are held, and how many exist even in this region, is really damn hard, and I really wish there were any stats on the subject. The fact of their non-existence kinda leaves a cold pit in my stomach.

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