“Lilly Hiatt Gives Us ‘Walking Proof’ of Her Talent”

Music soothes the soul, I’m told, and last Friday, Lilly Hiatt dropped her newest piece of work, Walking Proof; this is a record to both soothe the soul and excite the spirit. I think what I’m saying, in very pretty language, is that Walking Proof rocks very hard in between mellowing out and lamenting shitty road trips to Portland.

Of Nashville musicians named Lilly, Hiatt gets less spotlight and attention than Mae, but being a fan of both let me tell you: They’re totally different beasts offering very different styles of music. Hiatt has a pretty deep discography dating back to 2012*, and you should explore it, but as an introduction Walking Proof is a great starting place. It’s a good statement album about who she is, where she’s been, and where she’s going.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

*It says a lot that 8 years ago feels like a lifetime ago.


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