“‘Come to Daddy’ For Violence, Humor And A Lesson In Male Abandonment Issues”

For a man estranged from his father for all but 5 years of his life, the idea of a latter day reconciliation likely sounds terrifying. What scant memories you have of your time with him might not jibe with the person he is today. He might not remember those moments himself, or he might remember them differently, which is arguably worse. He might not be able to give you the peace you’ve craved over decades of truancy. He might not try to, either. He might not be the man you hope him to be. He might also not actually be your father at all.

I guess that’s Come to Daddy in a vague-ish nutshell. If I’m being honest, what I thought about most walking away from this movie is that spoiler culture is a plague on cinema; I’m sure someone will get mad at me for revealing the “twist” of the movie in my review, even though the “twist” isn’t a “twist” because it’s actually just “plot development,” but what do I know, I just write about art for a living.

Anyways. The real takeaway should be that Come to Daddy rocks, and it’s available on VOD this week, hint hint. You should watch it. You should also read my review for Paste Magazine.


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