“‘First Cow’ Is A Necessary Portrait Of Platonic Male Affection”

I’m so relieved that there’s a new Kelly Reichardt movie in theaters (opening in Boston this Friday!). Nothing like a Reichardt picture to help slow down time and give a weary viewer* a couple of stress-free hours to relax in; no one makes movies like she does, movies that don’t fuck around with either razzle or dazzle and get right down to basics. They’re simple. But because they’re so simple, they shine. Simple is hard to pull off. Simple requires perfection. 

I guess I’m saying First Cow is a perfect film. I admire all of her movies**, from Meek’s Cutoff to Certain Women to Old Joy, but this, like the last movie in that list, hits the all-important Crump sweet spot: It’s about male relationships, loving, caring male relationships, because we really need more movies that show loving, caring male relationships. And also baked goods. That’s another Crump sweet spot.

You can read my full thoughts on First Cow over at The Week.

*Me. I’m the weary viewer. I’m talking about me. But it could be you, too!
**In retrospect, I’m not so sure I really care that much for Night Moves, but my memories of Night Moves mostly boil down to how shit quality of the screener I watched it on.

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